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Serving the area for over 20 years.


Demi Dunse

Hello, my name is Demi and I'm a Italian Spinone! You can often find me sat in reception greeting you all at the front door!

Bute, Blair, Finn and Skye Cowan

Meet Clan Cowan! We love spending time with Mum and Dad training to be a perfect gundog team! You'll often find us in and around the hills of Galloway. Bute and Finn both joined us in March 2020 when Skye had her first litter! We keep our humans very busy!

Lambo Kirkpatrick

Hello! My name is Lambo and I'm the newest member of the DVG pet family! I have a loving home where I spend most of my time playing with my older brothers!

Fleur Cinderby

Hey, my name is Fleur, I'm a 7 year old TB x WB. My favourite things are carrots and cuddles! 

Scooby Cinderby

My name is Scooby and I'm an 12 year old collie cross! My favourite things are longs walks, tennis balls and spending time with my family!

Storm Crangle

My name is Storm and I'm a Cocker Spaniel! My favorite things are cuddles with my family and Spaniel zoomies around the garden with my little sister!

Pip Crangle

Hello! My name is Pip, I'm a busy bee and I'm never still. My favorite things are playing with my brother Storm and cuddles with my Mum!

Frita Mendes

My name is Frita! When my mum moved to Scotland to start working at Dunmuir I decided to stay in Portugal. The weather is far better here!

Trance Harrington

My name is Trance, I am a 10 year old California King Snake awaiting my UK visa so I, too, can have a Scottish adventure. I love exploring my garden and taking warm baths. I used to visit primary schools to teach kids that snakes aren't all bad.

Bongo Harrington

Hey guys my name is Bongo and I'm a Blue Tongued Skink! 

Kumquat Harrington

Hello, you can call me Quat, I am 17 years old and live with the grandparents in America. I live to cuddle humans of all sizes and can often be found if you follow the sound of my screams for attention. My favourite place is in your arms.

Lister Har​rington​